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BMI calculator

Body Mass IndexAre you a good candidate?

The body mass index (BMI) is a statistical measurement which compares a person’s weight and height. It does not measure the overall body fat percentage, it is used to estimate a healthy body weight based on how tall a person is. The BMI index is widely used as a diagnostic tool to identify weight problems whether the individual is underweight, overweight or obese.

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Body Mass Index (BMI) – Which category do I belong to?


Under 18.5 Underweight
18.5 – 25 Healthy Weight
25 – 30 Overweight
30 – 40 Obese
Over 40 Severely obese


According to NICE (National Institute of health and Clinical Excellence):

  • The ideal BMI for a gastric balloon is between 28 and 35.
  • The ideal BMI for the gastric band or lap band is above 35 or between 30 and 35 if you also have a medical condition that poses serious health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.
  • The ideal BMI for a gastric bypass and gastric sleeve is above 40 or between 35 and 40 if you also have  a medical condition that poses serious health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

The BMI index does not take into account large muscle and bone mass. Each patient is different and the right course of treatment will be determined by your surgeon at the time of consultation.


Why choose Harley Street Bariatrics?

  • We offer surgeon/consultant led care, meaning you have unlimited access to your surgeon either it be face to face, via email and/or mobile. Our caring weight loss surgeons aim to not only offer their expertise in surgery but also a supporting environment for each patients to reach their potential. They believe weight loss surgery is only a tool and that weight loss is a journey that requires constant support.
  • We perform all of our weight loss treatments, both surgical and non surgical, in specialized private hospitals in London, UK. Meaning, the hospitals and staff are experienced in supporting our weight loss surgeons by offering local and easily accessible medical care.
  • We have hand-picked experienced bariatric surgeons.  Performing both NHS and private operations, our weight loss surgeons have extensive experience and expertise in performing all types of bariatric treatments, including the gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve weight loss surgeries. Their passion in bariatrics is demonstrated through their yearly research, development, peer reviewed publications and attendance of prestigious national and international conferences.
  • We use the highest quality medical products, meaning all of our bariatric surgeons use Allergan®, the world’s leading supplier for the LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System and the BioEnterics® Intragastric Balloon also known as the BIB®.
  • We use the latest models of the SPATZ adjustable gastric balloon, SPATZ 3®.
  • We provide post-operative care for overseas patients who had surgery elsewhere either is be gastric band infills or a gastric balloon removal. Our experienced surgeon aim to care for all patients with the same level of care and support to reach their weight loss.
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