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The Directors

Mia Blanchard BSc

Founder of Harley Street Bariatrics and Managing Director

Mrs Blanchard has travelled far and wide to find her home here in the UK. Her heritage is French and upbringing international, making her fluent in both French and English. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science, in Biology, from Montreal based university Concordia. Her studies have always given her a fascination for the life sciences and now she has had the opportunity of working with the most talented surgeons on Harley Street and beyond.

Mrs Blanchard has previously worked with one of the largest cosmetic surgery groups in the UK, but then decided that true job satisfaction came from the more personal side of the industry where quality rules over quantity. She has worked with leading cosmetic surgeons on Harley Street providing cosmetic treatments at the highest standard of customer service and care. Mrs. Blanchard has now specialized in weight loss management to bring a standard of excellence to the field she finds most rewarding.

Elective surgery to this day has grown in popularity but the subject can still be sensitive. She genuinely cares for her patients and always delivers the utmost levels of professionalism. Her daily goal is to ensure a safe and nurturing environment and strongly believes in a team effort to deliver an outstanding service.

Mrs Blanchard is proud to introduce the team at Harley Street Bariatrics. A team that has been hand-picked for their experience but most importantly their drive and enthusiasm to create a holistic weight loss centre on Harley Street.

Daniel Lagimodiere

Co-founder of Harley Street Bariatrics and Director of the Aftercare/Fitness Program

Mr. Daniel Lagimodiere is originally from Vancouver, Canada. Since moving to London, he has pursued a career in fitness health and specialized in personal training whilst working for one of the biggest providers of fitness centres in the UK. He is certified as a fitness trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine based in the US. He has further acquired a certificate for Nutritional Advice for Weight Management through the established Premier Group here in the UK. Mr Lagimodiere has a thirst for knowledge and is constantly researching the weight loss industry for new innovative ways to inspire and help each of his client’s unique weight loss goals.

He has over 14 years of experience in the service industries which lead to a successful personal training business here in London. He has an large clientele base consisting of individuals from all ages and walks of life.

Mr Lagimodiere believes that nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity all have a specific role to play in a successful aftercare program. He is passionately committed to assisting you every step of the way towards your own ultimate goal.

Mr Daniel Lagimodiere will be working closely with each member of Harley Street Bariatrics’ team to fine tune each patients aftercare program and ensuring maximum results.


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