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Gastric Band/ Lap-Band

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>    What is the gastric band?
>    How much does the gastric band cost?
>    Who are the best candidates for the gastric band?
>    How does does the gastric band work?
>    How is the gastric banding surgery carried out?
>    What is the recovery process after the gastric band?
>    What are the benefits and risks of the gastric band?
>    Does Harley Street Bariatrics offer gastric band in fills?
>    Gastric Band Lap-Band Educational Videos
>    Gastric Band/Lapband Patient Testimonials and Reviews
>    Why choose Harley Street Bariatrics?


The Gastric Band/ Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery


What is the gastric band? Back to top

Gastric banding is one the most popular weight loss surgeries. It is also one of the least invasive treatments with lowered risks and side effects.  It is less invasive than other bariatric surgeries in terms that it is reversible and thus carries less complications. The gastric band is also known as the Lap-Band which is its trademark name. Harley Street Bariatrics uses the Lap-Band AP by Allergan which is the fourth generation Lap-Band created by Allergan and leading gastric surgeons around the world.

There are many other gastric bands on the market with 3 generally used in the EU and in the UK: Swedish Band, Lap-band and the  Mid-band.

The Lap-band offers the greater range of infill from 4 ml to 14 ml.

How much does the gastric band cost? Back to top

At Harley Street Bariatrics, we offer surgeon lead care packages. This means the patient has constant and unlimited access to their surgeon for follow up appointments and advice for up to 2 years. The follow up care offers unlimited gastric band or lapband infills or adjustments performed by the surgeon himself.

Exact costs are given after your first consultation and medical assessment with the surgeon. The all inclusive cost of the gastric band is £7,500. To find out more, please feel free to contact us.


Who are the best candidates for the gastric band? Back to top

Gastric banding is generally best suited to people who are overweight with a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 35, although in some case those with a BMI of between 30 and 35 may be suitable. The suitability of the patient will be determined at the time of the consultation by the surgeon.

* You can calculate your BMI on our main page *( please click here )

Other important factors:

  •     You have been overweight for over five years.
  •     Your weight-loss attempts have had only short term success, for example “yo yo” dieting
  •     You are not suffering from any other disease that may have caused your weight gain.
  •     You are prepared to make a daily commitment and change in your eating habits and lifestyle.
  •     You are willing and eager to being monitored by the specialist treating you.
  •     You do not drink alcohol in excess.
  •     You do not smoke.

At the time of your consultation, you will be carefully assessed by the surgeon as each individual is different in anatomy and BMI are rough estimates not taking into account large bone and muscle mass.

How does the gastric band work? Back to top

The gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a second smaller stomach. The smaller pouch restricts the amount you can eat at one time. Food pools in the upper stomach pouch because it is unable to pass quickly into the lower stomach. This slows digestion down resulting in an early feeling of satiety or fullness. This restriction helps the patient control their daily intake of food by reducing portions and increasing meals frequency which is medically proven to help lose weight at a healthy and steady pace. The flow of the food from the upper to the lower part of the stomach is regulated by the size of the band. The adjustable band helps drive the rate of weight loss.

The band is adjusted with in-fills which are injections of saline (salt water) into the band through the port (attached on the abdominal muscle wall) which in turns shrinks the opening of the stomach. This is a quick and relatively painless procedure performed by your surgeon. The first infill is done under an X-ray at the hospital and the rest can be done in the comfort the surgeon’s private practise. On average patients need between 2 – 4 infills in their first year to find their perfect size to the opening which will ensure a steady and continuous loss in weight. The time of the infills are decided by the team (dietitian, surgeon) and yourself. The first one after surgery is usually 6 weeks post op when your appetite has come back and your weight loss has stabilized. We will keep in close contact with you to determine the best time. Weight loss resumes again after each infill. The success of the gastric band is 60% the band itself and 40% YOU. Once the band has been inserted, it is up to you to follow a healthy lifestyle including nutrition and exercise to ensure continuous weight loss. We are here every step of the way to ensure your maximum potential. Our team of surgeons, dieticians, personal trainers and coaches are here are for your every need!


How is the gastric banding surgery carried out? Back to top

The band is inserted through “keyhole surgery” also know as laparoscopic surgery. The operation takes usually 1 hour under a general anaesthetic. You will be required to stay one night at the hospital.
“Keyhole surgery” is used to reduce scars and recovery time from surgery.


How long does the recovery from a gastric band operation take? Back to top

We advise taking at least one week off as you will be adjusting from the surgery and your new diet plan. The first two weeks you will need to go through a transition of fluids (ie: smoothies) to puree back to solids.

You will be followed and advised by your surgeon.

After two weeks, you will come back for a wound check. The sutures are generally dissolvable.

2 weeks post surgery

2 weeks post surgery


What are the benefits and risks of the gastric band? Back to top

The main benefits of the gastric band are:

  •     Reversible – Even though it is reversible, the gastric band can be kept for a lifetime and is not affected by pregnancy. Once       the band is removed the stomach returns to normal.
  •     Minimal Scarring – Keyhole surgery involves small incisions where the surgical instruments are past through.
  •     No cutting or stapling of the stomach
  •     Short hospital stay
  •     Quick recovery
  •     No nutrition deficiency due to malabsorption
  •     Overall less complications post surgery compared to other bariatric surgery

The main risks of the gastric band are:

All surgeries carry risks. The experience and skill the surgeon plus careful screening of each prospect can significantly lower these risks.

  • Infection – antibiotics are usually given to prevent infection. If an infection doesn’t respond to antibiotics your band may need to be removed.
  • Damage to other organs in your abdomen – you may need further surgery to repair any damage.
  • Band problems – your band may slip out of place, leak, or work its way through the stomach wall. If this happens, your band may need to be repositioned, removed or replaced.
  • Gallstones – there is a risk you may develop gallstones if you lose weight quickly. These can be painful and you may need surgery to remove them. Your surgeon may advise removing your gallbladder when you have your operation.


Does Harley Street Bariatrics offer gastric band adjustments or infills? Back to top

Yes, our weight loss surgeons are happy to take on new patients outside from their original package of care. Our extended gastric band or lapband aftercare packages are aimed towards patients who have undergone surgery overseas, who have relocated or simply would like to change their weight loss surgery provider. The extended aftercare ranges from initial consultation, medical assessments, gastric band/lap band revision surgery through to packages of band adjustments with follow up appointments and advice.

At Harley Street Bariatrics, we offer surgeon lead care. This means the patient has full access to their surgeon and may contact them or see them as many times as needed.

The fees for an initial consultation and medical assessment of your gastric band/ lap band: £250

In-fills/ infills/ out fills/outfills/band adjustments: £150

Revision gastric band/lap band surgery: from £6,000 (exact cost of the revision surgery package will be given at the time of the medical assessment) 


Gastric Band Lap-Band Educational Videos Back to top


Education Gastric Band/ Lap-Band Videos including the following topics:

  1. What is the Recovery and Diet after the Gastric Band?
  2. How much Weight can I lose with the Gastric Band?
  3. Who are the Best Candidates for the Gastric Band?
  4. How does the gastric band work?
  5. Main Benefits of the Gastric Band
  6. Main Risks and Complications of the Gastric Band
  7. Animation of the Gastric Band Insertion

Gastric Band/Lapband Patient Testimonials and Reviews Back to top

“Since I had the gastric band, my life has changed more than anyone can ever imagine. I spent a whole lifetime yo-yo dieting, battling with my weight, self loathing, despising myself.  I’ve had every slimming pill, diet, read every diet book and even starved myself at one point.  BUT today 2 years post my gastric band surgery, I am happy to say the new passion in my life is cooking for my boys and being able to fully enjoy a home cooked meal with them.

Furthermore, I can go to any shop and try every single thing and feel great about myself. I love my gastric band!”

J.P (Gastric Band Patient)

“Everything was great.  Not eating as much and I feel better. Thank you so much for getting me in as quick as you did, it was much appreciated.”

“The experience overall was very professional but also relaxed. As I’m from Australia it was lovely that the doctor was understanding. The in fill was needed as I had too much taken out before I left Australia and those kilograms started creeping back on! There was no recovery, simple process to put more fill in. I was fine straight away. Thank you again.”

E.J. (In-fill Patient visiting from Australia)

Why choose Harley Street Bariatrics? Back to top

  • We offer surgeon/consultant led care, meaning you have unlimited access to your surgeon either it be face to face, via email and/or mobile. Our caring weight loss surgeons aim to not only offer their expertise in surgery but also a supporting environment for each patients to reach their potential. They believe weight loss surgery is only a tool and that weight loss is a journey that requires constant support.
  • We perform all of our weight loss treatments, both surgical and non surgical, in specialized private hospitals in London, UK. Meaning, the hospitals and staff are experienced in supporting our weight loss surgeons by offering local and easily accessible medical care.
  • We have hand-picked experienced bariatric surgeons.  Performing both NHS and private operations, our weight loss surgeons have extensive experience and expertise in performing all types of bariatric treatments, including the gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve weight loss surgeries. Their passion in bariatrics is demonstrated through their yearly research, development, peer reviewed publications and attendance of prestigious national and international conferences.
  • We use the highest quality medical products, meaning all of our bariatric surgeons use Allergan®, the world’s leading supplier for the LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System and the BioEnterics® Intragastric Balloon also known as the BIB®.
  • We use the latest models of the SPATZ adjustable gastric balloon, SPATZ 3®.
  • We provide post-operative care for overseas patients who had surgery elsewhere either is be gastric band infills or a gastric balloon removal. Our experienced surgeon aim to care for all patients with the same level of care and support to reach their weight loss.

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