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Life Coach

Carrie Harney

Carrie is a life coach with a thriving private practice in London and beyond. She coaches individuals one-on-one, tackling any aspect of their life that they would like to transform. Originating in the US, the profession of life coaching has reached the UK relatively recently, so Carrie is often asked what it is and why someone might be coached. A good analogy is a sports coach: (almost) anyone can play sports, but to excel and be the best you can be, you hire a sports coach. While it’s often possible to drift through life, coping on your own, a life coach works with you to fulfil your true potential. You work with a coach to clarify your goals, recognise and tackle the perceived obstacles, and take action to achieve your dreams.

Carrie’s clients include company Directors, students, full-time mothers, self-employed business owners and other professionals. Some clients turn to Carrie after repeated struggles with diet and exercise; others feel “stuck” in their lives and seek her help in rediscovering direction and balance. Carrie coaches within the co-active framework, which recognises that the client is independent and powerful. Coach and client work together in a strong alliance. Carrie uses techniques from neurolinguistic programming, visualisation, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She holds the Certificate from the Coaches Training Institute.

Before settling in London, Carrie studied Psychology at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She worked as a Lovas Therapist for children with autism. Carrie also has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Greenwich and is a Co-Founder of Trade4Good, training individuals in stock trading strategies.

This unique dual background in business and psychology makes Carrie an analytical and intuitive coach.
The first session with Carrie is a “Discovery Session”, lasting 2 hours. This allows Carrie to have an overview of a client’s level of satisfaction with different aspects of their life – e.g. finances, career, health and relationships. She also assesses their suitability for coaching: most people can be coached who are motivated to change and able to form the authentic and trusting alliance central to the co-active model. Of course the client can also establish their fit with Carrie’s coaching style.
Subsequent sessions can be carried out face to face or over the telephone. Their length and frequency are agreed between coach and client, typically somewhere between an hour a week and an hour a month. As the client makes progress, the frequency of sessions is often varied. Some clients keep seeing Carrie monthly as part of their fitness regime.

Carrie’s motto is “Live the life you dream”.

She loves the thrill of seeing her clients overcome resistance and fear to release the power within themselves.

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