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Sep 6

NHS Restricts Surgery for Smokers and the Obese

NHS Hospital Sign

An NHS trust based in York, UK; has taken drastic steps to save money. With the UK population growing, the National Health Services are struggling to meet the demands of universal free healthcare. The first to be penalised by a lack of funds, are smokers and the obese. Patients who smoke and/or have a BMI above […]

Jul 25

Consultation for the DNA Diet

DNA Diet

In this video, senior and head Dietitian Susan Burry, talks to a patient who is interested in DNA testing. The patient has been struggling with finding the right diet for a few years. His main concern is his family history of cardio vascular diseases. His paternal grandfather died from a heart attack and his father […]

Jul 8

Is Himalayan “pink salt” healthier?

Himalayan Pink Salt

My #1 food vice is salt. I love the way in enhances the flavour of anything you added to, either it be a grilled steak or chocolate. Being a salt lover, I was keen to try to the Himalayan pink salt which is currently taking over the supermarket shelves and my friends’ kitchen counter tops. This […]

Apr 9

I Have Lost 41 kg Over 12 months With The Spatz Gastric Balloon

Spatz 3 Gastric Balloon

Ms. Barbora Majerova a 22 years old woman who had the Spatz Balloon inserted shares her personal experience. Weight loss has always been a challenge for me. I have tried it all. You know what I’m talking about – diet, exercise and pills. It either doesn’t work or it doesn’t last. Even if I followed the […]

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