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As part all weight loss programs, nutrition is essential. Harley Street Bariatrics offers expert dietitians and nutritionists with a proven track record in weight loss!

At Harley Street Bariatrics, you are able to choose a weight loss program that suits you either, it be a surgical or non-surgical approach to weight loss.


 Diet/Nutritional Personalised Weight Loss Packages:
For those, who weight loss surgery is not an option, we offer weight loss packages with either a dietitian or a nutritionist. The diet based weight loss packages will focus on your own unique medical history and lifestyle.
On top of our bariatric nutritional advice, we also offer nutritional weight loss packages to women in general, women post pregnancy, women post menopause, and men in general. We believe healthy and sustainable nutrition and exercise is vital to any weight loss program including or excluding weight loss surgery.
 All nutritional weight loss packages use individualized tailored programs, not a diet that fits all. If you want to skip those fad diets in which the weight will come back on and maybe a few extra pounds, try our programs in which the weight will come off and stay off!
Accepting Bupa Patient to See Dietitian

1. post pregnancy weight loss nutritional package:

  • no fad diets.
  • breast-feeding diet if you need it.
  • healthy eating to maximize weight loss and babies health to include superfoods and nutrients
  • get back to your pre-pregnancy weight by the end of  the program

2. female weight loss package: 

  • customised for female monthly hormone cycles
  • meal plans tailored to female nutritional needs.
  • encouragement through behaviourial change approach

3. males weight loss package:

  • tailored to males nutritional needs especially protein intake
  • meal plans customised based on exercise regime
  • body composition changes encouraged instead of just weight loss, to minimise muscle loss

4. DNA Diet:

  • tailored to fit your own unique DNA
  • simple straight forward test kit given at initial consultation with instructions
  • report of DNA test with diet and exercise recommendations
  • 1 hour fitness consultation with personal trainer, Daniel Lagimodiere


If you have any questions, we will provide you all the latest research in proper nutrition. Teaching you all the dos and dont’s that make losing weight easy.




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