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Physical Activity/Training Programs

Physical activity and fitness are key elements to the ultimate success of in post weight loss surgery. There are 2 keys areas you need to focus on.

1. Improving your cardiovascular strength will not only make you feel great but will increase your metabolic rate, therefore, increasing your metabolism so you can burn more fat!!

2. Increasing your lean muscle mass. It is scientifically proven that lean muscle mass increases your metabolic rate, therefore helping you burn up to 18x more fat!!!

Your fitness trainer will design programs that will take you step by step at your individual pace towards your ultimate physical fitness goal. Everyone is unique in what they want for their fitness goals. Therefore, your trainer will consult with you personally and privately post-surgery to help you with choosing your ultimate physical fitness goals. We will advise and motivate you from your beginning stage shortly after the procedure all the way to your desired health and fitness goal. Your goals can be anything from being able to walk your dog around the block to running 10km in less than 45minutes or climbing the summit of Mount Everest.

Your trainer will inspire you to achieve goals you only dreamed of doing before. Whatever your fitness goals are, we will make sure the 2 key areas vastly improve allowing a lifelong improvement in your metabolism and fat burning capabilities.

Harley Street Bariatrics’ innovative remote video programs include in depth fitness advice with your tailored exercises in the comfort of your own home. You will be able to download programs that your trainer and you will create that are best suited for your physical capabilities. As you improve and grow stronger we will ensure you continue to progress to higher levels of physical fitness and health.

To view a full range of FREE fitness videos from our Elite Fitness Trainer Daniel Lagimodiere. Please visit hisĀ YouTube channel, The Reallifit Channel:

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